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Holistic Solo Walk's

I offer personalised private walks that cater to your dogs individual activity needs, development and personality. 

As a certified professional dog trainer I am able to offer a unique service designed to bring out the best in your best friend. 

Each walk is holistic and goal oriented. The aim is to improve wellness and behavior by using positive reinforcement training meathods and environmental reward to develop a dogs life skills. By offering a learning environment that encourages positive growth we can promise lasting benefits for your dog and your relationship with them.

Some of the skills you will notice are;

  • Nicer on-leash walking

  • Improved interaction with other dogs

  • Polite play other with dogs and humans.

  • Improved street smarts

  • Less reactive 

  • Essential training basics such as a better recall, learning stay and wait commands. 

dog sniffing city walks.jpg

This private service is available  Monday to Sunday and will always begin with a meet 'n greet to discuss your dogs individual needs and preferences. 

SOLO WALKS are £15 for 30 minutes  

or £20 for 1.5 hours.

Sarah Has always been so dependable when walks are requested last-minute.  Its great to know that if I get stuck that my Schnauzer Frankie and  I have someone we can turn to in a bind
Iulia C.
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